Rebooting an Openstack Nova instance resets it's hostname

Recently when setting up a FreeIPA server I ran into the issue of the server resetting it's hostname every time it rebooted. I had configured FreeIPA to use a different hostname than what the server was booted up with, and it was important that it kept that way otherwise FreeIPA would not start on boot properly.

Installing Centos7 on an HP G5 DL380

Starting with RHEL/EL7 the drivers for the raid controller card, the P400i, are no longer loaded in by default. When you go to install Centos 7 on one of these you will likely see that it doesn't detect your LD.

Conquering Edimax EW-7811Un drivers on Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10

With the default drivers I initially was getting 56KB/s with this adapter and had to reset it every 3-5 minutes. I made some (crappy) tweaks and got up to 2MB/s. Which was enough to install vim and fix the problem.