Creating a floating IP on Openstack Neutron

I was running a couple of database servers on Nova VM's and found it was a little more complicated to get floating IP's working. This guide will walk you through the creation of a floating IP.

Kubernetes + Jenkins = šŸ’”

I've spent the past month migrating many projects to Jenkins. I would like to highlight a few of the issues I found with Jenkins on Kubernetes.

Caddy and Github Pages

It was not immediately obvious to me on how to setup Caddy as a proxy to Github Pages, this was mostly due to a misunderstanding on how Github Pages work, but thought Iā€™d share a quick guide to hopefully clear up any questions.

Google Cloud Platform - Connecting GKE and Cloud SQL

In this post I'll describe the process needed to setup a kubernetes pod on GKE (Google container engine) that has the secrets needed for your containers to connect to a Cloud SQL instance.

Breaking in Google App Engine

This post is specifically on Google App Engine, and goes over deploying a simple web application from scratch.